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10 Great WordCamp Website Designs

WordCamp is a conference for WordPress designers and developers. The meetups are all over the country and world. Each WordCamp has it’s own website, each with it’s own designs. Here is a roundup of ten great WordCamp designs.

A Look at the Apple Linen Texture Website Design Trend

If you have an iPhone you are most likely familiar with the Apple Linen Texture. Lots of web designers have picked up on this texture, and have used it in their website designs. I’ll show you a few of these designs, and also resources where you can download your own Apple linen texture, and even a tutorial to create your own.

50 Pricing Table Designs for Your Inspiration

While working on a website lately I was put in charge of creating a Pricing Table. We’ve all seen pricing tables on websites; on sites that sell or lease products, software, etc. After looking around online at different pricing tables I found (after clicking through to the linked tables / websites), that most of these galleries are outdated. So I decided to make my own pricing table gallery. Enjoy!

How to create a custom iPhone icon for your website

Here’s a quick way to further enhance the branding of your website. If you don’t have an iPhone go get one. Then try bookmarking your website; (go to a website in your iPhone Safari browser, hit the + symbol, and hit “Add Bookmark“). What this does is take a small screenshot of the webpage and […]

Booq Folee 2 Messenger Bag Review

As a freelance designer I always have a ton of stuff to carry around with me. Recently I decided it was time to get a new messenger bag that could better meet my needs than the leather one I was using. Now, when it comes to making purchases, I’m a little picky. So of course […]

Create a Shiny “Web 2.0″ Button

Ya.. I said “Web 2.0“.. what? Well if you’re still here after that, here’s the deal. I was reading an interesting tutorial about creating a button similar to the one found on the Campaign Monitor website. I actually went ahead and created the button, I always love seeing the approach other designers take at creating […]

Koi Fish – Pagoda Tattoo .. step2

So I showed in a previous post the start of my koi fish, pagoda tattoo. Phil Young from Hope Gallery Tattoo in CT is my artist. Well I went back to start the shading, so here are the pics! This was 5 hours in the chair, each lily took about 2 hours to complete. I […]

Koi Fish – Pagoda Tattoo

I suppose this falls under the “&Such” part of WebDesign&Such. I recently started a full sleeve Japanese style arm tattoo. I’ve always loved tattoos, and have been thinking of this tattoo for a while. I wanted a koi fish with a pagoda and some water lilies. After looking around at a variety of artists, I […]

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