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Create a Post-it Note with CSS3

If you need to put a quick note on a website, why not use a Post-it note? There’s no need to use any images now that we have good old CSS3. We can use some nice handwritten text, skew the note to the side, even add a shadow.

25 Killer CSS3 Generators & Tools

CSS3 Wins. Browser support is finally good enough that we as developers can use a lot of the great features that CSS3 offers. Here are 25 CSS3 generators and tools for your next website development project.

IE9 Specific CSS Hack

Internet Explorer Sucks. We all know the IE6 hacks, IE7 hacks.. here is the IE9 specific hack you’ll need to make your website work in Microsoft’s newest disaster of a browser.

How to use CSS Sprites and Image Replacement

The days of using javascript for image rollovers are over. By using image replacement and CSS Sprites you can create links that are SEO friendly, don’t flash when you rollover them, and don’t bog down your page load time. Apple and Amazon use this technique, you should be too! I’ll walk you through the process, from creating th actual CSS sprite to the CSS code to make the magic happen.

Target Form Submit Buttons with CSS

Need to target the submit button of your form without adding a class or an id to it? This might come up if you don’t have access to the actual form code for some reason. Luckily CSS can be used to take care of this situation.

How to target form radio buttons with CSS

If you style forms with CSS you probably are familiar with adding a border style, background colors, and widths to your form inputs. This is a great way to style forms, but there’s a problem that usually comes up. If you have radio buttons on your form they are going to take the same styles as the other inputs. You most likely don’t want your radio button to be 200px wide like you set your text areas to be, or to have a border around them, etc.

Add Zebra Striping to a Table with CSS3

Zebra striping is a technique used to help the usability of a table in html. By coloring every other row in the table, it makes it easier for your eye to keep it’s place. CSS3 makes this “uber” easy.

Target the first paragraph on a page or section with CSS

So often I’ll be working on a website that somebody else coded and have to strip out junk styling. There are a lot of different ways to accomplish the same thing with CSS, but so many people have no idea how much time they are wasting by coding something in a “hacky” manner. Example. I […]

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