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Using Fancybox with YouTube Videos

It’s easy enough to copy the code that YouTube gives you to simply embed a video on your website. But what if you have a lot of videos that need to go on one page? It would be a lot cleaner to have smaller images of the videos; which you could click on to watch the video, all without leaving the webpage.

How to integrate Fancybox and Google Maps

Need a Google Map on your webpage but low on real estate (har har)? Using Fancybox and a lil jQuery we can expand the map right over your webpage. This gives the map all the attention it deserves, without forcing the user to leave your website.

Fancybox Image Overlay Packaged for Download

As a designer there are a lot of things I use on different sites, such as Fancybox. It always drives me nuts to have to jump over to the Fancybox website, download the package, stip out the code that I need, delete example files and images… just to be able to use the code in it’s most simple form on my website! My main goal here is to help my and hopefully others development time by providing this slimmed down version of Fancybox.

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