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Add auto-updating Copyright to website – Javascript

Websites need to have the copyrights on them. Usually this is found in the footer of the site. As I was updating a client’s site the other day I noticed his copyright info was still 2009; so I updated it in the template, applied it to the pages, and re-uploaded everything to the live site. […]

Embed a Twitter Feed on your website with jQuery

In a previous post I showed possibly the easiest way to embed a Twitter feed on your website. This brought up a couple of questions from some users. 1. Can you make a background behind individual Tweets? 2. Can you put the date on it’s own separate line? As the case goes with a lot […]

Using Smooth Scroll with Page Anchors and Javascript

Using page anchors is a pretty basic web design technique. If you want to link to a certain part of a page you create an “Anchor” at that part of the page. This anchor is what you point your link at. You can link to an anchor on the current page, or to an anchor […]

How to embed a Twitter Feed on your website

One great thing about Twitter is the ability to embed your recent Tweets onto other websites. It’s a rather simple process, so check out my demo and then keep reading to learn how you can embed your Tweets on your page.

CSS stylesheet switcher ~ Javascript, Dreamweaver, Kaos

Here’s an interesting way to add a CSS stylesheet switcher to your website. I’ve used stylesheet switchers in the past, but this one is different. In the past I had a button to press, which in turn switched the stylesheet of the page. This one switches the sheet at a certain time of day, which […]

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